You can simply rent any of your production gear requirement from us, but we would rather Advise, Analyse, Plan, Devise and Design your Dream with you to Deliver it.
SNL Pro delivers total technical solutions. A combination of service and technology. Along with the gear rental, we use our Experience, Ability, Knowledge, Creativity And Passion for executing your Vision.


SNL Pro’s Audio division is an award-winning rental company that has provided total systems hire to the live events industry in India for over 20 years. During this time, we have covered World Tours and International Music Festivals, we have helped unsigned Bands and Singers become headline acts and have supplied PA systems for corporate events and conferences in some of the country’s most acoustically challenging venues.

Our Audio rental division stocks a range of high level Line array systems including L’Acoustics K1, K2 and KARA as well as the more corporate systems for smaller events. A set of the latest digital mixing systems augments an already comprehensive inventory. The Audio team prides itself in being grounded to stay mindful of current trends and developments in live sound reinforcement and technology.

SNL is also a proud member of the L’Acoustics Certified Provider network which is comprised of around 650 rental companies worldwide, all of whom share a universal system standard. SNL Pro’s rental division holds on its own with the best in the world and can meet the most demanding of international riders with a high standard of equipment and skills equally suited to a multi-system outdoor concert or small PA for a conference. The high caliber of SNL Pro’s Audio rental division further extends and reinforces the company’s industry leading position in all aspects of the live events industry, large or small, indoors or open air.

Our inventory, to undertake any Tech-Rider include :


Lab Gruppen
Allen & Heath

Audio Technica


With the largest stockholding of trussing equipment in India, SNL Pro can facilitate virtually any rigging requirement imaginable. Dizzying heights, heavy loads, flying stages, objects and people – that is the world of Trussing & Rigging .

What looks a bit magic at the end requires a lot of experience, knowledge, precision, the highest safety standards, the best technical equipment and the right software. The most important thing for us is that we make everything possible for our customers and that they always feel safe even with the craziest ideas. 

We provide creative and extensive advice, analyze and calculate precisely, visualize and animate, inform and integrate. And in the moment of truth, everything works completely unnoticed. Whether supplying a standalone service to the Events Industry, or working hand in hand with the other vendors, SNL Pro’s Trussing rental service provides the very specialized rigging expertise and equipment’s to ensure efficient and customized rigging of sound, lighting, sets and audio-visual equipment’s. When it comes to rigging services, we believe it is best left to the experts.

All our rental equipment is regularly checked and certified by qualified personnel in accordance with local and international safety standards to ensure that you, your performers and your audience are completely safe, always.
We have the largest inventory of Trussing in India that include brands and types like:

Universal Truss
Global Truss
Euro Truss


Box Truss
T Truss
Roof Truss
Circle Truss


We like to light up the skies with pyrotechnics, cover stadiums with bespoke confetti, flood stage floors with low level plumes of smoke and even make it rain. Turning shows into unforgettable experiences has always been our goal ever since we started. But today we are more than that. Over the years, we have grown to be a solid partner for high quality special effects and pyrotechnics hardware for any type of events. More than ever, we aim to be your partner in special effects at every opportunity available.

We stock large quantities of the latest and most innovative special effects machines and consumables that can be provided. However, we can also help you with visual simulations, (time code) programming, technicians, operators, logistics and much more, from the design stage to implementation and execution.

Using all the experience and knowledge we accumulated over the years, we can guide you to get the most out of every effect. We can do absolutely any and all events, we’re not fussy. We have provided special effects for corporate product launches and TV shows, to large stadium tours and festivals almost every where in India.

SNL Pro can brighten up any event with its Inventory and Experience in:

Auto Reveal Machines
CO2 Jets
CO2 Guns
Confetti Blowers
Confetti Shots

Streamer Shots
Flame Machines
Drop Effects

Fog / Smoke Machines
Gerb Effect Machines
Pyrotechnic Displays

Why choose SNL Pro?

SNL provides highly rated and extremely skilled sound engineers and tech crew. Our sustainable and stable company structure.

We have over 65000 products of SNL’s inventory live on real time IMS of professional audio gear, backline, trussing, rigging and special effects, along with the vast directory of professional lighting which is the largest indoor led screens & indoor perimeter boards in India.

Clients have the advantage of having the most experienced crew, along with SNL’s rapport with artists and event managers that have been built over the past 2 decades.

SNL has an in-house Engineering and design team to understand requirements, plan and foresee unseen challenges. Technical managers are present on every site for meetings and executions.

SNL always takes Insurance & follows complete venue compliances.

Over the years, SNL has built a very close and strong professional working relationships with the biggest brands in Pro Audio which gives us unrestricted access to their newest innovations and products much before anyone else in India.

SNL has been at the heart of all Major Sports Leagues across the nation rendering services during the games as well as for the Opening & Closing ceremonies.

SNL is the only one, trusted and preferred to implement all Live Theatre Shows and Musicals in India. Some of the most ground-breaking Music Festivals and Musical Tours that were first executed by SNL and have been with us since. Our corporate portfolio of work done is just as broad and impressive ranging from Car launches to Co-operate Summits to Political Rally’s. SNL work very closely with most of Indian and International artists including a few that exclusively tour and perform with us. SNL have also been the go-to team for all major Bollywood / TV award nights, reality shows & live stand-up comedy gigs. Electronic Sports League, Youtube Fan-Fest & WWE are some of the major thriving International spectacles implemented successfully by SNL in India emulating International Production Standards.

You can simply rent any of your production gear requirement from us, but we would rather Advise, Analyse, Plan, Devise and Design your Dream with you to Deliver it.